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Oil Filled Submersible Motors
Products Description:

High Efficiency & Superior Electric Performance Oil Filled Submersible Motors

The oil filled submersible motor applies food level oil for lubrication, and high-efficiency ball bearing. And its strong ball bearing makes this product operate stably and durably. Removable water-proof joint design, lacquer covered coil wire are applied in this product.

Main Features:

  • High efficiency
  • Fixable feature
  • Stainless steel exterior shell
  • Superior electric performance
  • Corrosive resistance
  • Hydraulic pressure resistance

So that, it can be applied in the depth about 300M, and also it can be used with any submersible pumps to provide the power in water.

Product Specification:
  1. 4” NEMA flange
  2. Volts ±10%
  3. Degree of protection: IP 68
  4. With removable water-proof bolt
  5. Max ambient temperature:35℃
  6. Cooling flow: min. 0.3 m/s
  7. Max starts:40/h
  8. Max operating depth:300m
  9. Food level oil lubricated
  10. Diaphragm of pressure compensation
  11. Axial thrust supported form angular ball bearing
  12. Axial thrust: from 0.5hp to 1.5hp-2000N ; from2hp to 3hp–3000N; from 4hp to 5.5hp-4000N; from 7.5hp to 10hp-5000N
  13. CE, ISO 9001: 2008