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Shi-Sin Pump Co., Ltd.

Shi-Sin Fledgling Firm established in 1993, is a professional submersible motor manufacturer. We monopolized various types submersible motor and submersible pump for research, development, and manufacture. For many years in chairman of the board and the overall team diligently under, the service day after day has expanded, nowadays the newly built workshop exceed 2,100 square meters, consummate plan the entire wrap consistent work submersible motor and submersible pump production equipment: From the steel pipe dinking die, the baking varnish painting, the pump group do not set up, tube test system and so on, by the newest equipment, the strictest tube, the production makes the finest product.

Strict System Control & Computer Management For Offering High Quality Submersible Pump

Shi-Sin Fledgling Firm based on to the product quality request, from raw material purchase screening, the feeding examination standard standard, as well as the strict system program control tube examination, uses the computer entire automated test system to examine the product the performance, by the advanced equipment and the strict tube, provides the customer best quality safeguard.

Shi-Sin Fledgling Firm fast supplies goods the efficiency for the promotion, satisfies the customer the prompt demand, plans various types specification complete product stock, the computer management.

FORMOSA MOTOR Submersible Motor & Submersible Pump

Shi-Sin Fledgling Firm besides unceasingly pursues submersible the motor and the pump performance stable and is durable, for further strives for perfection, positively researches and develops improves various types submersible the motor with submersible the pump, by in accordance to the market demand, presently submersible the motor approximately divides into wather cold with the oil cold two big series, all take 4 "as the main force, the scope from 1/2HP~5HP, the product performance was deeply affirmed the market, FORMOSA MOTOR has become one of marketing world brands.

Shi-Sin Fledgling Firm in line with the good faith first, the quality first, serves the first enterprise idea, take the reasonable price, the consummation quality as well as fast supplies goods the efficiency as to serve the field advanced consistent principle, heartfeltly thank the field advanced long-term support and the encouragement, expected will be able to continue in future to lead by the hand and kind of advises, world fledgling firm will grasp the former idea and the principle, will continue on the post to try hard.