Taiwanese submersible motors manufacturer and supplier offers a wide range of submersible motors design: encapsulated submersible motors, 2 wire or 3 wire single phase submersible motor, corrosion resistance submersible motor, water lubricated submersible motor, stainless steel deep well submersible motor.

Canned type & Oil Filled Submersible Motor

Canned type and oil filled submersible motor as following below:

The canned type submersible motor applies water for its lubrication. Pure and clear water are filled in to this motor in case environment pollutions are created. Thus, this product can be called as environment protection style motor. And it is one kind of durable and good reliable product, and it does not need special care and repair.

The oil filled submersible motor applies food level oil for lubrication, and high-efficiency ball bearing. And its strong ball bearing makes this product operate stably and durably. Removable water-proof joint design, lacquer covered coil wire are applied in this product.