Canned Type Submersible Motor

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Canned Type Submersible Motor
Structure of Canned Type Submersible Motor
Products Description:

Canned Type Submersible Motors, Encapsulated Motors, or Resin Filled Motors

SHI-SIN PUMP is a professional submersible motor and pump manufacturer. We provide many kinds of submersible motors, encapsulated motors and resin filled motors to satisfy client's needs.

The canned type submersible motor applies water for its lubrication. Pure and clear water are filled in to this motor in case environment pollutions are created. Thus, this product can be called as environment protection style motor. And it is one kind of durable and good reliable product, and it does not need special care and repair.

The canned type submersible motor has the good electric performance and high efficiency. Inside of this motor, stainless steel is used and resin system is applied to offer the good insulation.

  • Good radiation
  • Corrosive resistance
  • Hydraulic pressure resistance makes this motor can be applied in the depth about 300M

And also, it is suitable for any kind of submersible pumps for power providing.

Product Specification:
  1. NEMA Mounting Dimensions
  2. Volts ±10%
  3. Canned Type
  4. Hermetically-Sealed Stator
  5. All Stainless Steel Exterior Construction
  6. Stainless Steel Splined Shaft
  7. Resin System
  8. Water Lubrication
  9. Filter Check Valve
  10. Kingsbury-Type Thrust Bearing
  11. Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm
  12. CE, ISO9001:2008